Gooseberry on the Square


Gooseberry on the Square Cookies, Bars and More...

We feature old-fashioned cookies and bars, as well as modern cupcakes, tarts, and pies.


All varieties | 1.85 each

Chocolate Chip, Sugar, Snickerdoodle, Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

Coconut Macaroons | 9.00 per dozen

Dessert Bars

Based on availability | 2.00 each

Lemon Bar, Grasshopper Bar, Heritage Brownie (no nuts), 7 Layer Bar, Cheesecake Brownie, Peanut Layered Brownie, Raspberry Swril Brownie, Pumpkin Bar, Triple Layer Cookie Bar, Raspberry Bar, Almond Joy Bar, Toffee Bar, M&M Bar, Key Lime Bar

Inquire about other varieties.
If you wish to have a specific bar for your catering needs, please indicate when ordering.


Assorted flavors offered daily
8" (serves 8-10) | 28.00
10" (serves 12-16) | 32.00
Slice | 3.50

Vanilla, Turtle, Chocolate Lover's, Chocolate Chip, Espresso Chip, Raspberry Swirl, Lemon, Cookies & Cream, Marble, Irish Cream, Grasshopper, Almond, Mint Chip, Mocha (Chip) Green Tea, Peanut Butter, Cranberry Orange (seasonal), Pumpkin Sour Cream (seasonal), Peppermint Ganache (seasonal), Red Velvet (seasonal)

Requires a 2 day notice


Special order
9" (serves 6) | 15.00

Apple, Pumpkin, Cherry, Key Lime, Lemon Meringue, Chocolate Mousse, Grasshopper Mousse, Peanut Butter Mousse, Tiramisu Mousse, Banana Cream, Chocolate Banana Cream, Chocolate Cream, Coconut Cream, Pecan/Chocolate Pecan* (additional 2.00)

Specialty Items

Chocolate Covered Strawberries | 18.00/dozen

Mini Cream Puffs | 15.00/dozen

Mini Eclairs | 15.00/dozen

Mini Turtle Tartlettes | 15.00/dozen

Assorted Mini Cheesecake | 15.00/dozen

3" Fruit Tartlettes | Cheesecake or pastry cream filled 3.65 each

3" Lemon Curd Tartlettes | 3.65 each